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The same rules about writing on the big screen apply to the mobile users. This is also where your intranet comes in. Most people do not want to read heavy words. In fact, most people will skip certain parts, just to get to the ending. Learn to be concise with your writing.

Learn to break up your paragraphs and wording. Learn to use headlines and bullet points. You have to make it easy as possible for your readers to look over. If you over-complicate the issue, than they are not going to stick around. This even for guest writing.

According to many, mobile intranets are set to be as big as their PC counterparts. You have to keep in simple, especially for mobile devices. Scanning a page is not as easy on a mobile device. This is why you need to make it easier to read. Keep an eye on the text visibility. Make sure that where you place your headings and paragraphs makes it easier to determine the page number.


Same rules apply here too. Try to use images when it’s possible. The only difference is that you have to make it more easily adaptable for the mobile device. Sometimes cropping images more helps. There are tools you can use on your mobile device that will help.

You never want to overload the images you present to your readers. It’s kind of like how you use your words. You always want to keep it simple. Use them at the right moment. Otherwise, it’s going to blow up in your pretty little face.


When it comes to the intranet, it’s better to have a launching period. Think of this as sort of a beta test. This is a good way to determine what is working properly. This is a good way to see if you need to go back to the drawing board for some of the features. Allow your readers early access. Allow them to share with you what they see with your intranet capabilities.

If your readers are not happy with something during the testing, than this is a sign that something is wrong.


One final note. It’s also best to use a menu access on your pages, especially for the mobile launch. If someone can’t work the menus, this is a sign that something is wrong from within the intranet infrastructure.

There are so many components that come with the intranet. If you don’t have a working knowledge of some of these details, it’s best to get yourself armed with this knowledge. If time is an issue, hire someone to look after it for you. Just be sure the person understands your mobile vision and is ready to help you.