How to do SEO Yourself

If you have more time and less money, you should do this yourself. And it may be time-consuming in learning SEO tools and techniques, but it’s well worth it. Anything worth having is worth working hard and smart for.

The first thing to note is that the SEO world is complex; therefore, it’s best to start with the basics which still goes a long way. And then, you can just build on your knowledge from there. For several years now, the overall picture of search engine optimization remains the same. There may be a few changes every other year, in which it’s important to keep abreast of, to prevent possible penalties. Otherwise, the gist of SEO is the same with your site and content writing (blogs and articles) having keywords and no more than a small percentage of the keywords. Keyword density rates the percentage of keywords used in your site, meta description, blogs, etc. Another basic thing to note is that keywords should be mentioned close to the beginning of the title for the content and site. This would really let the search engines know what your product or service is all about.

Those are the main basics of SEO, and there are other things that should be done in the pursuit of knowledge in SEO techniques. There are many great material that is found online through Google, and through reputable blogs and articles online. However, there are unfortunately some content online that are not accurate. With this said, it’s vital to find dependable sources that would teach you step by step the different aspects of SEO. Google Webmasters is definitely the place to go, for instance. They have courses, guides, resources, support, events, and community news to keep you abreast of all the know-how and go-to for all your SEO needs.

When you are have learn the most important basics mentioned above and in some reputable resources, you can implement what you learn for your site and content. However, it’s very important to check periodically on your ranking, site metrics, Google analytics, and content. You must update your website and content every so often, or else you can risk getting a lower ranking due to an unresponsive and old site and content. You should also add to your knowledge pool by consistently setting a reading time schedule. If you read and study at least one hour each day, or every other day, you will be a SEO wiz before you know it.